The self-cleaning industrial coating for components and sun protection

Our product is an ultra-thin and transparent layer of active titanium dioxide. Under the influence of light, this layer becomes photocatalytically active and splits off oxygen radicals from the air, which then react with organic substances and thus decompose them effectively and sustainably.

The result is a self-cleaning surface. Organic dirt is decomposed and inorganic dirt particles adhere worse. The hydrophilicity of the coated surface ensures a very effective self-washing effect.

In addition, photocatalysis also purifies the air of gaseous pollutants such as the dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) and organic particulate matter.
  • For all industrial applications eg. B. coil coating process
  • Innovative technology with an excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Permanent self-cleaning effect, completely non-toxic
  • Biologically environmentally friendly and cleans the air of pollutants

Excellent economy of facades equipped with active coating

Dirty sun protection systems and facade elements are very unpleasant. They cause a high cleaning effort and thus high costs. With the coating this effort drops considerably; What is not washed off by rain and dew can be simply rinsed off with water without the use of aggressive cleaning agents and complex cleaning procedures.

Since the value of a building is also measured by the technical and financial costs of cleaning, this is an important argument.

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