Self-cleaning coating for PV modules

Our product produces a photocatalytically active protective layer from titanium dioxide (TiO2) on the solar module. With the help of light energy, the TiO2 from the ambient air activates pure oxygen, which decomposes all organic deposits on the coated surface of the PV module by oxidation ("cold combustion"). This means among other things:

  • Organic Dirt (such as fumes from stables or fats and oils from food processing companies) will no longer stick, but will simply rinse off;
  • Algae and biofilms can not stand;
  • The dreaded biological pitting corrosion (destruction of glass surfaces of PV panels by black fungus ) is reliably prevented.

The protective layer of pure titanium dioxide is wafer-thin (about 250 nm) and highly transparent. The coating is of excellent durability (lifetime at least 10 years), non-toxic and harmless to man and the environment.

Of the nano-coatings that are offered as anti-reflective coatings for PV modules, our coating differs in that the dirt on the glass surface is actively degraded (self-cleaning effect) and that the notorious sticking of organic dirt is eliminated. It is also unique that the coating reliably prevents the infestation of PV modules with the dreaded black fungus. These microorganisms, imported from the desert regions of Arabia, are indistinguishable from normal environmental dust by the naked eye. The Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM) has shown that black fungus can easily penetrate into the solar glass and extract minerals from it, so that the glass becomes cloudy and brittle. This considerably reduces the service life of PV modules.

The advantages:

  • has a self-cleaning and dirt repellent effect - nothing sticks anymore,
  • effectively prevents algae and biofilm infestation,
  • reliably protects against the dangers of biological pitting corrosion of PV glass by black fungus,
  • ensures consistently optimum performance of the PV modules, even in systems with heavy dirt load,
  • is non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment,
  • has a lasting and lasting effect (10 years),
  • lowers the cost of photovoltaic cleaning.
  • Always optimum current efficiency even with heavy dirt load
  • Sustainable reduction of cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Lasting protection against algae, biofilms and black fungus
  • More power compared to uncoated PV modules

Excellent economy

PHOTOKAT Solar improves the efficiency of solar systems in an impressive way. The reflection is reduced, the cleaning effort significantly reduced and incidentally coated solar collectors also clean our air. That's "green tech" in perfection.

This effect is made possible above all by a change in the refraction of light on the glass surface. So the existing solar energy can be used in the best possible way. The improvement of the efficiency brings money. Added to this are the savings for cleaning the modules and the avoided power losses caused by contamination.

Only with machine processing the protective layer reaches the high quality that meets our requirements. This saves a considerable amount of the previous cleaning and maintenance costs . In addition, field trials revealed up to 8% higher solar yield coated modules compared to uncoated solar panels at the same site.

The effort pays for itself within a few years, because the coating

  • significantly reduced the cost of solar plant cleaning ,
  • the cleaning intervals significantly lengthened and
  • Pollution-related Power loss of PV modules significantly decreased .

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